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Ornamentation in Islamic art includes four forms; the three non-figural forms that are calligraphy, vegetal patterns, geometric patterns and figural representation. Al Burda Award has awarded works showcasing these forms, which depict the aesthetic range of Islamic culture. As with the other award categories, submission guidelines respect the intricate materials and approach used in classical ornamentation practices.


  • The overall sheet size should be 35W x 50H cm or 50W x 50H cm.
  • The decoration should cover 70% of the total leaf area.
  • The work is executed in the original classical decorative style, allowing the artist to create designs.
  • Original colors, inks, and real gold are used in the implementation, and it is not permissible to use others.
  • The applicant can be guided by the classical decorative style prevailing from the 14th century AD  - (the Timurid era) to the 16th century AD (the Safavid era), as well as geometric ornamentation.
  • There should be no space for writing, as the painting is a self-contained decorative piece.
  • Ahar (muqahar) paper should be used.
  • The decoration can be pasted on the cardboard and it is not permissible to stick it on the wood.


Prize Money

1 st place
AED 70,000
2 nd place
AED 50,000
3 rd place
AED 40,000
4 th place
AED 30,000
5 th place
AED 20,000
AED 210,000