Al Burda Festival is a biennial initiative first launched in 2018, presenting a global space for creative leaders, scholars, artists and community members to collaborate, exchange insights and co-create ideas on Islamic art and culture. Through rethinking narratives, we seek to engage with and inspire younger generations to cultivate a deeper connection to their cultural identity, strengthening the position of Islamic culture in the future.

While paying tribute to traditional forms of Islamic art, the Festival also explores how artists can use transformative practices, materials and approaches.

The first edition of Al Burda Festival was launched in a bid to foster critical dialogue on the intersection of traditional and contemporary Islamic culture. It ran a dynamic program of talks, workshops, masterclasses, performances and exhibitions exploring themes such as technology, music, food, architecture and heritage.

The Festival also saw the launch of the Al Burda Endowment, an initiative that seeks to expand the reach of Islamic culture by recognising creative pioneers who embrace experimentation and reinterpretation in their approach to Islamic art and culture.


“The event seeks to cement the UAE’s position as a cultural hub and an incubator of creative arts in order to reinforce the country’s contribution towards the preservation of artistic heritage and its sustainability for future generations.”

HE Noura Al Kaabi

Minister of Culture & Youth


The Al Burda Festival will host a global conversation on the future of Islamic art. The program below highlights the presentations, performances, and exhibitions that will be on show.


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The Al Burda Festival is pleased to collaborate with the following Partners for its inaugural edition. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, the Al Burda Partners will foster new thinking and encourage creative initiatives, and position the UAE as a thought leader in Islamic art and culture.

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