1. How can I show my interest in submitting a work? You can do so by registering a user profile and completing an application that will be open from May 17 – July 26, 2021.
  2. What is the deadline for registering in the open call? The registration period runs from May 17 – July 26, 2021.
  3. What are the next steps after I register? After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email from MCY outlining the timeline and steps required to submit and ship your artwork. Applicants may begin uploading their artwork on their user account anytime between July 27- October 1, 2021.
  4. When should I be shipping my work for jury evaluation? The Ministry will begin receiving shipments between September 15 – October 15, 2021, after which the juries will convene to evaluate.
  5. Is there a specific criteria for each category? Yes, every category has a set of criteria determined by its jurists. We highly encourage all applicants to carefully read through the criteria to ensure their work meets expected standards.
  6. How many winners will be awarded in each category? – 5 winners will be awarded in the Ornamentation and Classical Calligraphy categories. – 4 winners will be award in the Modern Calligraphy and Poetry categories. – 1 winner and 10 finalists will be awarded in the Typography category.
  7. What will be the prize money for the winner(s)? You can refer to each category’s page for a detailed breakdown of the prize money.
  8. Can I submit work for more than one category? No, the applicant can submit in one category only.
  9. Can I submit more than one work in a category? No, the applicant can submit one work in one category only.
  10. Can more than one applicant submit a shared work? No, only one applicant can be attributed to a single work.
  11. Can I submit works if I am a previous winner/applicant? Yes.
  12. Will I be responsible for the cost of transporting my work for jury evaluation? Yes.
  13. If I don’t win, will I be responsible for transporting my work back? Yes.
  14. When am I expected to receive a response on the results of the jury evaluation? The juries will convene in November to evaluate, after which all applicants will be informed of their results.
  15. If I am a winner, will the ministry cover my travel and accommodation expenses? Yes.
  16. What happens to my work if it remains uncollected after the Award ceremony? Are there any terms and conditions? Applicants whose work did not win are asked to collect their work within (6) months after the Award ceremony. If it remains uncollected, MCY retains the right to keep it as part of its assets.