Al Burda Award


The Ministry of Culture and Youth launched the Al Burda Award in AH 1425 / 2004 AD to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (God’s blessing and peace be upon him). Now in its 17th edition, as the UAE is celebrating the Year of Sustainability, MCY is proposing the theme of “Al Mizan’’- The Balance: Islamic Art as a Catalyst for Sustainability” for Al Burda Award 2023 and highlights how Islamic principles, traditions, and values have a long history of emphasizing the value of protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and ensuring the stewardship of maintaining Al Mizan (balance) by each individual on the planet.

The award recognizes creativity and excellence in the intrinsic value of Islamic art and culture through the practice of traditional Islamic disciplines and pays tribute to the complexity of the Arabic language through receiving original submissions from poets, calligraphers, and artists whose work is inspired by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), the Holy Quran, and hadiths. As of 2021, over 330 winners have been awarded in recognition of their distinguished work.

Al Burda Award is known for celebrating 3 disciplines:

  • Poetry (Classical and Nabati)
  • Calligraphy (Classical and modern)
  • Ornamentation



Award Disciplines


By celebrating the honorable biography and character of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on the anniversaries of his birthday, the Al Burda Award aims to:


  1. Celebrate Islamic arts as a gateway to cultural communication with the world and as part of global heritage.
  2. Highlight values and principles of tolerance through celebrating the aesthetics of Islamic arts.
  3. Strengthen innovation and creativity through motivating emerging talents in their practice of traditional Islamic arts.
  4. Represent the Islamic world through the participation of creatives in the fields of poetry, calligraphy and ornamentation.
  5. Reflect the cultural and intellectual diversity of the Islamic world through traditional Islamic art disciplines.
  6. Support emerging and young creatives in regenerating traditional art.

Key Dates

For the 16th edition, the key dates are as follows:

Registration of interest
31 Jul - 08 Sep 2023
Submission and uploading artwork
01 Sep - 30 Sep 2023
Receiving shipped artwork by MCY*
30 Sep - 15 Oct 2023

*Applicable only to the calligraphy and ornamentation categories. The applicant needs to ensure that enough time is given to ship their artwork for it to be received by MCY before October 15th.

The Award reinforces the key role of the UAE in supporting Islamic art through its efforts to preserve the artistic heritage of the Islamic civilisation and promote outstanding artworks to a global audience.

HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Minister of Foreign Affairs